The prosperity of Yangcheng City and the rejuvenation of ----2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition is coming soon

The prosperity of Yangcheng City and the rejuvenation of ----2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition is coming soon

As the earliest port for foreign trade and trade in China, Guangzhou has a long history. It is the only major port in the history of maritime transport in the world that is 2,000 years long and unfading! More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Maritime Silk Road used boat rafts and sails to connect China and the world together, which promoted the convergence of the world economy and the transformation of civilization. After 2000 , as the fulcrum on the “New Belt and Road”, Guangzhou began to use modern airports, seaports, and open and friendly economic policies to continuously guide and develop exchanges and exchanges between foreign trade and people, promote domestic demand, and create “One Belt and One Road”. On the hub-type network city. As of December 31, 2016, the scale of Guangzhou accommodation and catering industry has broken hundreds of billions of catering businesses reached 98,315, while the Guangzhou hotel also has 9286, it is in this context, Guangzhou national economy at an annual rate of 13% The speed of continuous growth, the overall economic strength of the top three cities in China. With the increasing closeness of foreign exchanges, Guangzhou welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign merchants every year. As a result, there is a huge demand for hotel accommodation and catering, and consumers are also pursuing a more comfortable living environment and higher-end catering needs.

Organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. "2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition", referred to HOTELEX Guangzhou 2017, will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo hall 1-4 December 12, 2017 -14 days held in Guangzhou 2017 exhibition held at the same high-end food and beverage exhibition, 2017 third public joint central kitchen integrated international boutique Museum, Guangzhou international tea coffee cultural Festival. Taking advantage of the Pearl River Delta's economic take-off, HOTELEX Guangzhou Exhibition will strive to build a one-stop sourcing platform combining hotel catering terminals, distributors, agents and hotel catering industry chain.

High-end presentation, leading the industry gathered

The third 2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo site has nearly 400 high-quality exhibitors. The theme will be high-end food and beverages, coffee and tea, and catering equipment. The categories of the exhibits will include coffee and tea, food and beverage, and catering equipment. Baking and ice cream, wine and spirits, cooking ingredients, tableware, hotel linen and textile products, room appliances and supplies, hotel IT and security equipment, 11 franchise chain.

Catering equipment segment: Bringing domestic new concept products and high-quality equipment to Guangzhou, not only cost-effective equipment, but also various green, energy-saving, innovative and leading products will be presented to the audience. 2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition Will satisfy your overall kitchen purchase needs.

Some exhibitors of quality exhibitors (before and after rankings)

Huayin Commercial Electrical Appliance Manufacturing ( Lianyungang ) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chuangli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guochuang Famous Kitchen Commercial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hoshizaki Cold and Hot Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Hanshen Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huanghuang Western Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jinjia Catering Equipment Co., Ltd.

Coffee & Tea, Food & Beverage Segment: We are constantly introducing new and innovative products and are dedicated to presenting novel and high-end products at home and abroad to the audience for the first time. Coffee beans, healthy drinks, enzymes, steaks, GELATO and other foods from all over the world can be enjoyed at the 2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition.

Some exhibitors of quality exhibitors (before and after rankings):

Shangqiu Yinzhijian Food Co., Ltd., Changzhou Super Foods Co., Ltd., Fresh Fruit Juice Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haofang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengyu Packing Products Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jiahe Food Industry Co., Ltd. , Shanghai Weiming Food Co., Ltd., Haoluo (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Wang Li Coffee Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Yili Coffee Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiye Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hehe Trading Co., Ltd. Company, Taimo Coffee (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Big coffee gathers, World Contest South China selection, authoritative forum, inspiration industry trends

HOTELEX Guangzhou exhibition not only exhibits a wide range of products, but also covers a wide range of activities. The on-site coffee, drinks, and catering events have gathered many industry veterans and industry leaders. The authoritative forum focuses on the practicality of catering hotels, uses the eyes of industry elites, and communicates with on-site audiences to inspire thoughts and seek new solutions.

The World Coffee Roasting Championship (" WCRC ") is a professional coffee competition initiated by World Coffee Events ( WCE ), the pioneer of coffee and events in the world, which promotes fine coffee. It is a fine coffee industry. One of the top events is also a test of the baking level of the players. Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the only authorized unit of the World Coffee Series in China. The competition will be held in HOTLEX GUANGZHOU 2017 . The field will gather champion players from more than 30 countries around the world to represent the country.

The 2017 World Coffee Baking Contest will be held in Guangzhou. The roasters from more than 30 countries around the world including China, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Ukraine, France, etc., will present different places for everyone. Coffee roasting concepts and works ignite the enthusiasm of live coffee enthusiasts.

Elite training elite, big coffee achievements coffee. The Certified Coffee Certified Mentor Training Forum, a professional coffee themed expert, can conduct teaching design, test, assessment and classroom management at the simulated competition site, enhance their training and education skills, and have the opportunity to obtain the SCAE (The Fine Coffee Association) through training. ) Certified by AST (European Fine Coffee Association Certified Trainer) to become an authorized coach with the ability to teach SCAE courses and issue licenses.

A professional forum will also be held on site. The 2017 Catering Club (Guangzhou) Summit will invite many heavyweight guests from the catering club to make their debut at the Guangzhou Exhibition. There will be Bogus World Honorary President and Executive Chef Huang Qiyun of the Wang Pin Group's mainland area. , Mr. Tan Zhiwen, founder of R&B tour tea, founder of Mushi Shineng, founder of Chengyu Packaging, and chairman of Lei Yuemiao Company, Zhang Lei, as well as other industry elites, cordially exchanged views with the audience, and presented the industry with multiple arguments. Development trends and ways to manage business.

In addition, the site will also be held to invest in investment forum, Tmall business industry new merchants to enter the exchange meeting, the Guangzhou Central Kitchen Construction and Development Summit Forum, etc., all the great coffee authority thoughts and collisions, sharing successful experiences with the audience.

HOTELEX Guangzhou show live activities include:

2017 World Coffee Baking Contest

2018 World Barista Competition China District Qualification Guangzhou Sub-Division

2018 World Coffee Brew Contest China District Qualification Guangzhou Sub-Division

2018 World Lahua Art Competition China Qualifications South China Division

WCE World Championship Star Barista Exhibition

The 7th China International Master Mixer Cup South China Division

The 5th Shanghai International Trend Drink Creation Competition Guangzhou Zoning Competition

2018 HOTELEX "Tomorrow's Star " Chef Contest South China Division

2018 Shanghai International Pizza Masters South China Division

2017 Guangzhou Central Kitchen Construction and Development Forum

Guangzhou International Tea Coffee Culture Festival

Investment Join Investment Forum

Premium Coffee Certified Mentor Training Forum

Tmall business industry new merchants settled in the exchange meeting

2017 Catering Club (Guangzhou) Summit Forum

High-end rendering, rich experience, worthy of our hotel and catering end-buyers coming forward to the event, on December 12, 2017 -14 days Poly World Trade Expo Hall 1-4 (Newport Road 1000). Pre-register immediately and win rich gifts.


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6. Ten lucky viewers will be selected each week to organize an exclusive gift at the exhibition site. For details, please pay attention to WeChat, “Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo”

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