The quality of hardware water quality determines the choice of service life accessories can not be ignored

According to industry insiders, at present, domestic sanitary products are comparable to international brands in terms of appearance, function setting, and overall quality. But the only regret is that there is a certain gap between the domestic products and the international brands in terms of service life.

There are 选购 purchases of bathroom accessories

Hardware water quality determines service life

For sanitary products, the key factor in determining their service life is the hardware water. Bathroom hardware water parts include showers, faucets, hardware accessories, toilet water parts, angle valves and other major accessories. Internationally renowned brands, such as Kohler, Toto, and American Standard, have relatively complete technical and technological levels in the production of hardware and water parts; while domestic hardware production has certain development, but the overall level is uneven, small business manual The workshops are mostly, so the quality of the products produced is also uneven. Therefore, the infrequent product process and production technology often lead to a series of problems such as low quality of parts and short service life, which affects the quality of the whole bathroom products and limits the service life of the products.

Merchant procurement, cost first

Since the hardware water parts only belong to the bathroom accessories products, they also appear in the form of accessory products when the terminal is sold. Therefore, many consumers pay less attention to the sanitary products when they purchase them. They think that the hardware water parts are only the components of the bathroom products. One of the parts is irrelevant. This kind of consumer psychology also provides some opportunities for some businesses.

It is understood that the hardware water products used by most domestic sanitary ware enterprises are almost all purchased externally; however, when consumers consult and purchase such products, the manufacturers will introduce them as the company's own production. A domestic brand bathroom production staff revealed that 'the hardware on the bathroom, the layman is difficult to judge its quality from the appearance, there is no significant difference in the trial process, so companies often also control from the purchase of such accessories. From the perspective of cost, the price of brand accessories is too high, and it is generally not considered.

Accessories can not be ignored

As far as the current market conditions are concerned, the local brand's sanitary products are still relatively cost-effective. They can basically meet the needs of current consumers in terms of functions. Sometimes they are even more distinctive and innovative than some international brands. Therefore, the author hereby reminds consumers that when choosing a bathroom product that suits their home decoration style, we must pay more attention to the details, such as whether the water design of the toilet bowl is reasonable, what material is the faucet and what brand, for The choice of accessories is still very important, choose a reliable brand of products will effectively improve the service life of your bathroom products.

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