The specific role of babbittary alloy bearing on the milling machine

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The specific role of babbittary alloy bearing on the milling machine

The babbitt metal alloy has a very common application in the building material machinery industry, and is mainly used for the sliding bearing components of the milling machine and the ball mill, and is an indispensable anti-seismic, decompression and self-lubricating functional bearing alloy material. When the cement plant is overhauling the babbitt alloy bearing bushes, ZChSnSb11-6-type tin-base alloys are usually used in consideration of the fact that the equipment is operated under conditions of excessive dust and heavy loads. The following Shangshui Metallurgical Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. combined the specific requirements for bearing grinding, and focused on the role of babbitt on the milling machine.

Grinding machine babbitt grinding roller grinding abrasive wear, due to ploughing or micro-pressure man-made babbitt alloy bearing bearing peeling wear and fatigue fracture wear and tear at the same time. Only when there is a certain degree of toughness but also a very high hardness, the babbitt alloy bearing shell may be more wear resistant. Therefore, in considering improving the hardness of babbitt, it is necessary to pay attention to the toughness of the material. The improvement of the toughness of the babbitt alloy material can increase the anti-stripping ability of the bearing pad and improve the effect of anti-fatigue wear so that the wear resistance of the babbitt alloy bearing pad can be improved. Brinell alloys often use tin-based alloys containing more than 54 tin, including common 11-6 tin-based babbitt alloys, 8-8-type tin-based bearing alloys, and high-tin models such as 4-4 tin-base Babba alloys.

In the grinding process, the basalt alloy bushing and the grinding ring play a major role. It can be said that they are a whole and complement each other, and no one can work. Therefore, the babbitt bearing bush and grinding roller are used in the ultra-fine grinding machine today. The role of finishing: In the ultra-fine grinding machine, babbitt bearings and grinding rings are used to grind the main moving parts of the material used to squeeze grinding materials to grind. When the machine is working, it can be properly adjusted to enhance the grinding effect of the grinding material on the material. This can help the high-pressure milling machine to improve the grinding efficiency, increase the output, and reduce the consumption of the babbitt grinding layer of the milling equipment. Grinding roller babbitt bearings can also be used to protect the mill barrel, so that the barrel is protected from direct impact and friction of the grinding materials and materials to avoid loss. At the same time, the gap between the babbitt bearing bush and the grinding roller can be used to adjust the particle size of the mill. The product material with fineness or yield has been obtained.

At present, Shangshui Metallurgical Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. closely follows the development of mining machinery and building materials machinery. In the development and production of Babba alloy, the company puts emphasis on the use of energy-saving and environment-friendly production as an investment. The proposal of this point not only needs the support of advanced technology, but also requires the mine industry to provide safer, more efficient, and cleaner production equipment to increase the scientific and technological content and added value of Pakistani alloy products.

As mentioned in the review, despite the fact that babbitt alloys are increasingly used in heavy equipment such as mills and ball mills, the mechanical departments of the majority of users do not pay enough attention to the operating mechanism of babbitt bearings. In addition, the type of bushing cast tin-based babbitt is also crucial, which will directly determine the equipment normal operation cycle.

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