The State Council urges the consumerization of information for good security

The State Council urges the consumerization of information for good security The State Council recently issued the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Information Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demand" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") to guide the rapid growth of information consumption. By 2015, the scale of information consumption will exceed 3.2 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 20% or more, and the related industries will generate more than 1.2 trillion yuan of new output, of which the new type of Internet-based information consumption will reach 2.4 trillion yuan, with an average annual increase. More than 30%. Based on rapid growth in the consumption of e-commerce, cloud computing and other information platforms, the amount of e-commerce transactions exceeds 18 trillion yuan, and the amount of online retail transactions exceeds 3 trillion yuan.

Opinions have guided the promotion of informatization consumption and expansion of domestic demand from the seven major directions. Specific deployments from the level of national policies and information infrastructures have given rise to the development of smart cities, internet of things, cloud computing, smart security, intelligent transportation, and smart home companies. It is a very big positive.

The opinions clearly stated that by 2015, the broadband, convergence, security, and ubiquitous next-generation information infrastructure adapted to the needs of economic and social development will be initially established, and urban household broadband access capacity will basically reach 20 megabits per second (Mbps). The city has reached 100Mbps, rural households have access to 4Mbps of broadband access, and administrative villages have reached 95% of broadband access. Great progress has been made in the construction of smart cities;

Continue to promote the co-construction and sharing of telecommunication infrastructure, and coordinate the layout of cloud computing infrastructure such as the Internet Data Center (IDC);

Promote the issuance of fourth-generation mobile communications (4G) licenses in 2013. Accelerate the development of the new generation of mobile communication technology dominated by China's time division duplex mode long-term evolution of mobile communications (TD-LTE) network construction and industrialization;

Encourage the innovation and development of intelligent terminal products. For hot spots such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data, accelerate the implementation of smart terminal industrialization projects, support research and development of smart phones, smart TVs and other terminal products, and promote the integration of terminals and services. Support the development and industrialization of digital home smart terminals, and vigorously promote the construction of digital home demonstration applications and digital home industry bases;

Cultivate information consumption needs and expand the emerging information service industry. The development of the mobile Internet industry will encourage enterprises to establish mobile application development and innovation funds, and promote the integration and innovation of network information technology and service models. Actively promote the commercialization of cloud computing services and support cloud computing service innovation and business model innovation. Focusing on key industries and key livelihood areas, we will carry out major application demonstrations for the Internet of Things to enhance the public service capabilities of the Internet of Things. Accelerate the development of R&D and industrialization of Beidou navigation core technology, promote the integration of Beidou navigation and mobile communications, geographic information, satellite remote sensing, and mobile Internet, and support the expansion of the location information service (LBS) market. Improve the Beidou navigation infrastructure, advance the Beidou navigation service model and product innovation, and carry out demonstration applications in key areas and areas such as transportation, disaster reduction, telecommunications, energy, and finance, and gradually promote the large-scale application of Beidou navigation and timing. We will vigorously develop the geographical information industry and expand the geographic information service market;

Accelerate the construction of smart cities. Carry out pilot demonstration construction of smart cities in cities where conditions permit. Each pilot city shall issue policies that encourage market-oriented investment and financing, information system service outsourcing, and the development and utilization of information resources. Support the intelligent transformation and upgrading of public facilities and facilities, speed up the implementation of smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart water, smart land, smart logistics and other projects. Encourage various market players to participate in the construction of smart cities. Within the quota of local government bonds approved and issued by the State Council, the people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall make overall arrangements for the arrangement of some funds for the construction of smart cities. Eligible enterprises are encouraged to issue corporate funds for the construction of smart cities.

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