The world's largest steel trade market will be available

The world's largest steel trade market will be available On March 30, 2013, Lecong Steel, one of the largest steel trading markets in the world, will be launched.

At the press conference after the closing of the National Conference, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council expressed concern about the new urbanization speech. As an important element of the new type of urbanization, “product-city interaction” has also become an important way of guiding all levels of government in industrial transformation and upgrading. On March 25th, Le Cong Town Party Committee **Mian Liantong interviewed the reporter to discuss how the industry developed when he took the road of urbanization, and described Lecong’s interactive mode of production and industry with Guangdong Lecong Steel World as a case.

How the steel industry is integrated into the problem How the city's development integrates business development with its unique music and business characteristics. Shunde, which is well-developed in the manufacturing industry, is unique. After three decades of development, steel, furniture, and plastics have become the pillar industries of Lecong. On March 30th, the new steel market in Guangdong Lecong Steel World will be a grand opening. From planning to completion, this carrier has attracted the attention of all walks of life. “This steel market has taken a lot of effort from Lecong Town.” Mai Liantong said that Lecong is not only a market but also a new city of industry and a new city of steel industry.

“The integration of steel into urban development is a difficult issue. Guangdong's willingness to be in the iron and steel world, from site selection to planning to operations, is an arduous process that embodies the wisdom of the party committee, the government, and the business community.” Mai Liantong recalled how to maintain steel The vitality of the market and the development of a certain level of the market have adapted to the development of the society. We have done a lot of investigations and researches when planning the positioning of the steel world. We have investigated the professional market development models in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and also visited the country. Many well-known steel markets.

He said that we must build a demonstration area for the steel professional market and position it as the largest and most influential steel market in China. This model of steel market will have vitality in the future.

This reporter learned that Lecong Steel World has a planned area of ​​4,000 mu and the first phase is 3,000 mu, including spot, processing, and storage areas with extremely high levels of mechanization. Le Zhuomin, general manager of Lecong Steel World in Guangdong, said that Lecong Steel World is building on the demonstration area of ​​China's steel specialty market, with the goal of developing an international steel procurement center and a world-class steel market.

The multi-stakeholder win-win cooperation strengthens the traditional industry. “Music from nowadays is different from the past in the development of Lecong. In the past, the professional market was the main business industry. Today, the Foshan New City has settled on a happy basis, bringing a music to Lecong. New development prospects.In the new development, Lecong Faces the competition of the industry, the past model is not suitable for development with the development of society, and the development of the industry and the development of the entire urbanization require new ideas.” Mai Liantong The government has continuously strengthened the construction of professional markets. In the past, the steel market was dominated by marketization. Now it integrates the strength of the government and society, and is led by the government. The development of government-enterprise cooperation will avoid excessive marketization.

“I hope this new model can promote the development of society. With the participation of the government, it can directly lead its development. According to the model depicted in the “model area,” the use of information technology will reduce operating costs.” Mai Liantong said, “From Looking at the model of cooperation, we are multi-party cooperation and multi-stakeholder win-win. The government, village dwellings, and enterprises all participate in the joint venture. Merchants staying at the property also win a win-win situation. After the new market is built, the original village where the old market is located will also be the future. Space for development, supply, they will be better."

Mai Liantong revealed that the mode of interaction between cities and industries in the steel industry and the cooperation between government and enterprises must continue into Lecong’s various industries, such as the construction of a new plastics market and the development of the furniture industry, all based on Lecong’s traditional industries and the production cities. The interactive model will strengthen and expand the traditional industries while introducing new industrial development.

According to another report, Guangdong Lecong Steel World will open on March 30. The current spot, storage and processing areas have been basically completed, and the construction of the business district will continue to advance this year.

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