This electric car actually auctioned for 39,000 yuan? Mavericks electric brings you an eye-opener

On November 6th, the auction of Mavericks' electric car carnival for the whole year ended in perfection. A yellow M1 power safety version of Mavericks Electric, which was involved in the auction, was finally sold at a price of RMB 39,101. This electric car with a price of 5,699 yuan was finally sold at nearly seven times the original price. I have to say that after the Celebrity Crowd, the Mavericks Electric has once again created a classic of two-wheel electric vehicles.

The auction was officially launched at 10:00 on November 6 and ended at 13:30, lasting nearly three and a half hours. The entire auction experienced 5 delays, causing nearly 70,000 people to watch, starting from 1 yuan to the final bid to 39,101 yuan. Some users who participated in the auction said that "Where do you want to buy yellow M1, you can't buy it, this time you can have an auction," and the user said, "I want to start a yellow M1, but too many people like it. The competition is too intense."

In fact, since the launch of the yellow M1, many of the butters have been fascinated by the fashionable colors and high-quality riding experience. With the end of the auction, the last yellow M1 was also included in the bag by the loyal fans of Mavericks Electric, but the cows that did not succeed did not feel depressed.

It is reported that this auction is only one of the Mavericks electric 11.11 car carnival. From now until November 11th, Dallas Electric online and offline there are many welfare snapping activities waiting for the butter to participate.

For users who choose to buy online:

1. From November 7th to November 10th, 10:00 every day will be able to participate in the 1 yuan spike of helmets, windbreakers and other peripheral accessories. (This activity has officially started from the 1st)

2. November 11th 0:00-23:59, spike activity upgrade:

-0 points to open 1 yuan to kill the whole vehicle activity (limited to 3 units);

- 10 points, 16 points, 20 points, 22 points, these four time points open accessories spike activity: 1 yuan will have the opportunity to get a 590 yuan surrounding gift package including car clothes, helmets and mobile phone brackets.

3. On November 11th, some payment users can also enjoy extra benefits:

Users who pay for the whole vehicle during the period of -0:00-1:00 will receive a customized mystery gift box;

-N1S top version to send value of 1299 German import locks (only for the top 5 paying users);

-N1S power safety to send value 238TRELOCK folding lock (limited to the first 48 paying users).

At the same time, during the entire event, in addition to custom offers such as spikes, auctions, etc., all users can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Shop coupons: 599 minus 30, 2999 minus 200, and 4999 minus 300.

2. On the 11th of November (00:00-23:59), the Tmall allowance can be superimposed. Among them, the whole vehicle enjoys 600 minus 30 per full, and the accessories enjoy a reduction of 50 per 50.

In addition to the above benefits, users can also participate in prize-rich sweepstakes online, just by collecting or adding their favorite models to the shopping cart, paying attention to or sharing the Mavericks Electric Tmall flagship store during the event, you can win the lucky draw chance. .

For users who choose offline channels, from today (November 7th) to November 12th, users can use any brand of electric vehicles to purchase U, M, N-series security electric cars from offline authorized stores. 600 yuan, 800 yuan, 1,000 yuan deduction.

At the same time, users who do not participate in the redemption activity will receive a butter insurance for any of the Mavericks electric vehicles; and all users will receive a gift for the Double Eleven Shopping.

Rich prizes, real benefits - The Mavericks Electric 11.11 Carnival will create an affordable and cost-effective car rental feast for users. At present, many fun activities are on the line, pay attention to the official WeChat public account and official Weibo, and keep abreast of the latest developments and start a favorite electric car.

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