Three uses of wireless bridges

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The use of wireless bridges allows us to have a variety of options for wireless communication. How to use wireless bridges, how to set up wireless bridges in practical applications? Let's take a look at it together.

How to use the wireless bridge? The application of the wireless bridge should be determined according to different usage environments. There are three common wireless bridge connection methods: point-to-point, relay mode, and point-to-multipoint.

Wireless bridge

(1) visible between two points of AB; no obstacle blocking; no electromagnetic interference, or small interference; the distance between two points of AB meets the requirements of communication distance of bridge equipment.

It can be transmitted directly in a point-to-point manner: a wireless bridge is placed in the A building, and a directional antenna is placed on the top; a bridgeless platform is placed in the B building, and a directional antenna is placed on the top. After the wireless bridges of the two places are connected to the local antenna through the feeders, the wireless communication between the two points can be quickly established. The wireless bridges are connected to the network switches in each place through the super five twisted pairs. The two networks can be connected together.

(2) The two points between AB are not visible, but the two can be indirectly visible through a C building, and the AC two points, the two points between BC meet the requirements of bridge equipment communication. We use the relay method, and the C building serves as a relay point. Each of the ABs is placed with a bridge and directional antennas.

The C point options include: placing a bridge and an omnidirectional antenna. This method is suitable for situations where the transmission bandwidth is not high and the distance is relatively close; placing two bridges and two-sided directional antennas is advantageous in that : The transmission distance is long, the signal is strong, the bandwidth and transmission quality are guaranteed. (Depends on customer needs and actual conditions).

(3) Point A and point B are not visible, but the distance between the two is relatively close, only a few kilometers, and there are multiple buildings between the two. According to the actual situation, the signal reflection scheme can be used to interconnect the point A and point B. Place the wireless bridge at the AB point, directional antenna, and set up the wireless bridge. The microwave signal emitted by the directional antenna A is reflected by the two buildings of the CD and communicates with the directional antenna B.

Through the introduction of the above three wireless bridges, we already know how to use the wireless bridge.

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