Titanium Dioxide Rutile C870 Equal to Dupont 902, 902+; Tronox Cr822

Model NO.: Titanium Dioxide Rutile C870
High Hiding Power: Good Dispersion
Trademark: dimacolor
Specification: Dupont
Origin: China
HS Code: 32061110
Product Name: Titanium Dioxide Rutile C870 (P. W. 6, CLORIDE METHOD)

Countertype: DUPONT 902, 902+; TRONOX CR822

Code TiO2-C870
Countertype --
C. I. NO 77891
CAS No.: 13463-67-7
EINECS NO. 236-675-5
Molecular Weight 79.90
Chemical Structure TiO2

Physical and Chemical properties:
Test method: R2/ ISO591-1: 2000(E), II/ASTM D476-84

Surface treatmeat:
Al2O3, SiO2
Specific gravity(g/cm3)
Content of Rutile
99.9% min
Content of TiO2:
Volatile at 105 C
0.5% (m/m)max
Paticle size
0.30 um
CIE L*: 98.3 b*
Scattering power (Compare with reference sample)
100% min
PH value of aqueous suspension
Oil absorption
20 g/100g max

Product characteristics:
It is produced by chloride process and treated by inorganic metal oxides.
C870 is a general use tatanium dioxide pigment
It has excellent particle size distribution good dispersiblity, high whteness, tinting strength and hiding powder.

Recommended application:

C870 is widely used in decorating paper, paints, ink, masterbatch, it is especially suitable for paper making and aqueous emulsion paints.

Packing: 25kg paper bags, 500/1000kg big bag.

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