Vegetable seedling and topdressing method

During the period of vegetable seedlings, if the seedbed soil is not fertile enough, the seedlings will have symptoms of de-fertilization (such as thin stems, small leaves, light color, etc.), and should be topdressed in time. The specific requirements and practices are:

The time of top dressing is generally appropriate when the seedlings are out and the cotyledons are flattened; in the middle of the day, it is better to take 10-10 hours on a sunny day.

Topdressing methods Fertilizers and organic fertilizers can be applied as top dressings. To apply fertilizer, it should be based on nitrogen fertilizer. It is better to use compound fertilizer. It can be watered first, or it can be poured with water, or the fertilizer can be dissolved in water. The ratio of fertilizer dosage and watering amount is controlled. 0.1 to 0.3:100; if the amount of chemical fertilizer applied is too large and the concentration exceeds 0.5%, "burning" is likely to occur. After applying organic fertilizer, use more manure or manure, and first dilute the fertilizer with water 10 to 20 times, then pour it into the seedbed. Regardless of the application of chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers, water should be sprayed once after fertilization to wash away the fertilizer attached to the leaves, prevent burning of the leaves, and timely ventilation to prevent harmful gases (such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide gas, sub- Nitric acid gas, etc.) escapes the risk of vegetable seedlings.

When the temperature of the seedling bed is low and the fertilizer capacity of the root of the seedling is weak, it is not suitable for root topdressing. It can be sprayed with 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 0.3% urea solution or 0.2-0.3% calcium superphosphate leaching solution.
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