What are the characteristics of permanent magnet motors? Dalan motor manufacturers tell you

AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, the rotor has no slip, no electric excitation, and the rotor has no fundamental wave iron and copper loss. Since the rotor has its own magnetic field, the rotor does not require reactive excitation current, so the power factor is high. Dalan motor manufacturers tell you the characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous motor are as follows: 1. High efficiency 1 average power saving more than 10%, Y2 asynchronous motor efficiency curve, generally falling faster at 60% rated load, low efficiency at light load; 2 The permanent magnet motor has a high and flat efficiency curve and is in a high efficiency zone at 20% to 120% of rated load. The power saving rate of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is 10% to 40% after being measured by different manufacturers in different working conditions. 2. The power factor is high. The permanent magnet synchronous motor does not need reactive current, so the power factor is almost 1. The power factor curve and the efficiency curve are high and flat, the power factor is high, and the stator current is small, which reduces the copper loss of the stator and improves the efficiency. 2 Reactive power compensation of permanent magnet motor is real-time local compensation, which makes the power factor of the factory more stable, which is very beneficial to the normal operation of other equipment, reducing the reactive power loss of cable transmission in the factory and achieving the effect of comprehensive energy saving. 3, the temperature rise is 15 ~ 20 ° C 1 Compared with the Y2 asynchronous motor, the permanent magnet motor has small resistance loss, the total loss is greatly reduced, and the temperature rise of the motor is reduced. 2 After the actual measurement, under the same conditions, the working temperature of the permanent magnet motor is 15-20 °C lower than that of the Y2 asynchronous motor. 4, the motor current is small 1 after the permanent magnet motor, the motor current is significantly reduced, after the actual measurement, the permanent magnet motor and Y2 asynchronous motor, the motor current is significantly reduced. 2 Permanent magnet motor does not require reactive excitation current, and the motor current is greatly reduced. The loss in cable transmission is reduced, which is equivalent to the expansion of the cable capacity, and the transmission cable can be installed with more motors. 5, running without slip, stable speed 1 permanent magnet motor is synchronous motor, the motor speed is only related to the power frequency, 2-pole motor, when working under 50Hz power supply, the speed is strictly stable at 3000r / min. 2 does not lose rotation, no slip, no voltage fluctuations, load size. The AC permanent magnet synchronous motor has less reactive power, the stator current is greatly reduced, and the stator copper loss is greatly reduced. At the same time, since the polar arc coefficient of the rare earth permanent magnet motor is larger than the pole arc coefficient of the asynchronous motor, when the voltage and the stator structure are fixed, the average magnetic induction intensity of the motor is smaller than that of the asynchronous motor, and the iron loss is small. It can be seen that the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor is energy-saving by reducing various losses of its own, and is not affected by changes in working conditions and environment. ----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02- Purchasing Consultant Copyright http:/(Dalan Motor) Reprint, please indicate the source http://news.chinawj.com.cn

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