What are the processes for ordinary home renovation? Common home decoration mix

Home is the most intimate harbor for people. After a busy day of work, returning home from work, the home is a place where people can completely relax completely. People can open the door as they like, and they have a warm and comfortable interior. How comfortable is your own nest. Most people are the indoor structure of an ordinary family. How do you design ordinary home decoration ? Next, I will give you a brief introduction to Xiaobian.


First of all, let me first give you the general process of ordinary family decoration: pre-design - main body demolition - hydropower transformation - woodworking - tiling - wall paint - kitchen and bathroom ceiling - cabinet installation - - Wooden door installation - Floor installation - Laying wallpaper - Radiator installation - Switch socket installation - Lamp installation - Hardware sanitary ware installation - Curtain rod installation - Pioneer cleaning - Furniture entry - Appliance installation - - Home accessories.

General installation and construction process: demolition project - hydropower coal project - soil engineering - metalwork engineering - woodworking engineering - facing engineering - paint engineering - installation engineering.

The most important consideration for ordinary home decoration is not how gorgeous and how fashionable, but the storage problem of the whole indoor space, because the structure of the ordinary family is a relatively small structure, and the place of storage will follow. Reduce, as the time of stay, there will be more and more things in the home, so be sure to consider the storage problem of the space. You can purchase more lockers that are convenient for storage, so you can store items. Second, it can also play a decorative role. There is also a entrance to the entrance, you can set up a carved partition, and the living room has a barrier, giving people a sense of hierarchy.


The concealed works of ordinary home decoration are the most important places, such as water circuit renovation and waterproof treatment. This can be installed by professional decoration workers, because there is a certain danger in water and electricity. In addition, it is important to emphasize that we must supervise the decoration and decoration of the decoration workers on the spot. After the installation is completed, we must conduct a power-on inspection and leave a pipeline diagram. If there is a fault in the future, it is convenient to check and repair.

Next is the decoration of various places in the room, such as walls, floors, ceilings, chandeliers, doors and windows, sofa tables and chairs, furniture appliances, objects, etc. Every step requires us to carefully look at it, don't bother, After all, decoration is a very horrible thing. In order to live comfortably in the future, it is necessary to be careful and careful to complete each step.


Air conditioning has become an essential appliance for every family. The air conditioner is divided into hanging type and standing type. I personally think that the living room should be selected as a standing air conditioner, placed in a corner of a corner, it will appear that the whole living room is very advanced. Of course, the bedroom is equipped with a suspended air conditioner, because the space in the bedroom is small, and the bed, bedside table and wardrobe are already occupying most of the space, so the hanging type is both space-saving and beautiful. The bedroom is divided into a main bedroom and a children's bedroom. The bedroom still has to be warm and steady, the bedroom is the place to sleep, the most important thing is to be comfortable, don't put a lot of things, it will make people feel crowded and uncomfortable. The brightness of the curtain wall should not be too bright and soft. The children's bedroom can be slightly brighter and the children have to do their homework.

The decoration design of a home can highlight a person's style and preferences, and the importance of ordinary home decoration is especially important. If you have other questions about the renovation, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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