What is the difference between mahogany furniture and hardwood home?

"Redwood" belongs to "hardwood"

The national standard "Redwood" (GB/T 18107-2000), determined that there are 33 species of redwood; the industry standard "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" introduced in 2008, a total of 101 kinds of hardwoods are calibrated, and 33 of the "Redwoods" are also Be included in its scope. On August 1 this year, a new member of the standard for mahogany furniture, the national standard "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture" (GB28010-2011). It is reported that this standard is China's first mandatory standard for mahogany furniture. This shows that the 33 redwood species specified in the national standard "Redwood" are among the 101 hardwoods specified in "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture".

Mahogany furniture

"Hardwood" is not necessarily "Redwood"

Redwood experts reminded that the furniture purchased by consumers is in line with the industry standard of "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture", only that the materials should be within 101 kinds, not to mention within 33 kinds. In other words, consumers buy expensive hardwood furniture, but not necessarily mahogany furniture. The industry standard of "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" is not the revision and expansion of the national standard "Redwood". The scope of the two standards is different and cannot be confused. Xiamen Screen Work Position In addition, the newly-launched “General Technical Conditions for Mahogany Furniture” is also a brand-new independent standard, which mainly imposes mandatory requirements for mahogany furniture, and is not a modification, supplement and update of the “Redwood” standard. Therefore, everyone must first understand these three standards when purchasing mahogany furniture, beware of being deceived. Xiamen office furniture company

In addition, in the current market, furniture and wood flooring are also commonly used to pick up Asiatic Dialium, Afzelia, Intsia, Pericopsis and Rengas, including Glutahe and Black Lacquer ( Some of the imported woods of Melanorrhoea) belong to 101 kinds of dark and precious hardwoods, which are easy to be mixed with mahogany. Please increase the ability of consumers to identify true and false mahogany.

In summary, "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" lists 101 dark-skinned hardwood furniture species, including 33 species of all trees that have been included in the "Redwood" national standard GB/T 18107-2000), and 68 species of trees not listed in the “Redwood National Standard”, namely 33 species of redwood as the rare and rare tree species in the dark and precious hardwood group, meet the two standards, while the other “68 tree species” meet the dark and expensive hardwood furniture. "But it does not meet the national standard of "Redwood".

The article was reported by the Suzhou Furniture Editor, sourced from the Internet.

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