What is the working principle of face lock? What is the principle of face recognition?

What is the working principle of face lock? What is the technical principle of face recognition smart lock? In smart locks, face locks that look very large are more popular, and users only need to unlock the facial features. It is so easy to brush the face to open the lock, face recognition door lock is a kind of biometric lock, mainly through face scanning to unlock. So, how does this technology work? Let's take a look! nLE smart lock China

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Face lock working principle details

Face recognition lock is a new intelligent door lock, based on facial recognition of new biometric technology, through the identification of human facial features scanning, so as to control the lock switch. nLE smart lock China

Face-to-unlock, which is one of face recognition technologies, specifically refers to a technology that allows a user to completely acquire personal information stored in a device by recognizing the face. This technology has been practically applied in the field of information security such as computer login, mobile login, and access control. nLE smart lock China

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Face recognition door lock system working steps

1, open the "face recognition unlock" function. nLE smart lock China

2. The user records his face through the camera, so that the device can remember the face information in advance. nLE smart lock China

3, through the camera to identify the face and unlock, login device. If the face matches "pre-set authentication information", the user can log in to the device. If more than one person wants to log in to the same device, then when the second user comes to the front of the camera, the device software will automatically go to this new user's profile. nLE smart lock China

The advantages of face recognition technology over other biometric technologies: no direct contact, intelligent exchange, high degree of user acceptance, outstanding intuitiveness, and in line with the cognitive laws of people's “awareness of the appearance of a person”; strong dependability, not easy to counterfeit , security is good. nLE smart lock China

The so-called face recognition technology is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. The face recognition technology is gradually extending from the commercial market to the civilian market, and has experienced applications from access control and time attendance applications to home smart door locks. The development process of infiltration. nLE smart lock China

At present, the face recognition lock overcomes the huge power consumption of the face recognition system and the problem that external AC power must be externally connected. The high-energy alkaline battery can be used to power the battery, and the battery can be used for one year. Can be widely used in office, apartment, financial room, confidential room, family and other fields. nLE smart lock China

Face recognition door lock has obvious advantages, of course, here, smart lock China Network Xiao Bian also remind everyone to choose face lock need to see if it is a living recognition technology, if you can use photos to unlock, we must consider carefully, social development Today, leaking photos is very easy. Live biometric technology can prevent outsiders from using the owner's photos to unlock theft. nLE smart lock China

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