"White plastic" put on "green coat"

"White plastic" put on "green coat" In daily life, I am afraid there is no substance like plastic that can be deeply and thoroughly integrated into every aspect of mass life: from large aircrafts, automobiles, and ship parts to small straws, fuels and packaging boxes. The figure. Today's plastic products have long been not in the eyes of many people and the "pollution", "cheap" and other words associated with the big polluters. The past “white pollution” culprit has now put on a “green” coat and has become a “leader” in energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon environmental protection.

At the moment, all kinds of new types of environmentally-friendly plastic materials emerge in an endless stream: light-transmitting cement can make buildings more beautiful; plastic products with excellent flame retardant, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion functions can be used in various industries such as automobiles and electronics; The new biodegradable plastics and photo-decomposable plastics can minimize the harm to the environment caused by “white pollution”.

In recent years, the state has vigorously supported energy conservation and emission reduction companies. As a "green" plastics industry, it has become the "new pillar" of future manufacturing raw materials. Some industry experts believe that although China's plastics processing industry has a rapid development momentum, there is still a certain gap compared with the world's largest plastics industry. In the future, China's plastics industry needs to continue researching cutting-edge technologies, improve the recycling technology of plastic products, and research and develop new plastic products so as to realize the green development of the plastics industry.

Plastic products have become the new darling of the construction industry. During the 12th five-year period, China will invest 5 trillion yuan to improve the ecological environment. Among them, the development of green buildings has become one of the key projects. The goal of our country is that in 2020, China’s green buildings account for more than 30% of new buildings, and strive to achieve a green building area of ​​more than 1 billion square meters. As an emerging environmental protection building material, plastic products have become the new darling of the construction industry because of their advantages such as environmental protection and light weight.

At the 2013 CHINAPLAS held by Adsale Exhibition, the reporter saw a “Building and Light Concept House” constructed of all plastic materials: it has good light transmission and heat insulation functions. The impact-resistant exterior of the house allows people to achieve "zero contact" with the surrounding environment. The design of a plastic table and chair in the house makes the whole house full of "art style." This kind of house is more than just a “shelf.” The indoor pipe system made of new plastic materials in the house is more durable, and the doors and windows used in the house have very good insulation.

The responsible person of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, the creator of the concept house, told reporters that the work brought by the company aims to show visitors the development trend of future human housing. They believe that in the future, plastic products will be used in the field of building materials. The company will also be committed to the research and development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials and promote the sustainable development of China and the world.

Recycling of plastic products helps people bid farewell to "white pollution"

Raising plastic bottles, foaming lunch boxes, and other plastic products, many people think of the shocking "white pollution." Today, more and more companies and research institutions are devoted to studying the degradation and recycling of plastic products. The recycling of plastic products allows plastic products to achieve "secondary use" and avoid "white pollution". We can fully believe that with the continuous advancement of human science and technology, an era in which plastics can provide unlimited convenience without causing limited damage to the environment is close at hand.

At the exhibition, the reporter saw the current state-of-the-art plastic bottle recycling line brought by Zhejiang Baolvte Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for visitors. It is understood that the main component of the plastic packaging for beverages that we come in contact with everyday is polyester, and after washing, purifying and remanufacturing, these discarded plastic bottles can be transformed into fiber products and can be used for the production of clothing and bedding. This not only effectively inhibits "white pollution", but also turns waste into treasure, truly recycling plastic bottles.

Relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that at present our country's plastic product recycling rate has reached 80%, and its use of recycled products after production has also been very extensive. Of the raw materials used by many garment and textile manufacturing companies, 15% to 25% are sourced from recycled fibers, and this number will continue to grow.

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