Wind power equipment manufacturing industry access standards

To guide the healthy development of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, prevent the blind expansion of wind power equipment production capacity, encourage superior enterprises to become bigger and stronger, optimize the industrial structure, standardize the market order, and cultivate China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry into an emerging industry with international competitiveness, according to the country. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations and industrial policies, this access standard is specially formulated.

This access standard applies to wind power equipment enterprises that produce grid-connected wind turbines (hereinafter referred to as wind turbines).

First, the establishment of production enterprises

(1) The establishment of wind turbine production enterprises shall conform to the national industrial policy and the development plan of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, and the proportion of self-owned funds in the project investment shall not be less than 30%.

(2) The wind turbine production enterprise must have the production conditions and all production supporting facilities necessary for the production of 2.5 MW and above with a single unit capacity and an annual output of over 1 million kW.

(3) The wind turbine generator production enterprise shall have a cumulative installed capacity of not less than 500,000 kilowatts.

(4) The newly-built wind turbine production enterprise shall have more than 5 years of experience in the large-scale electromechanical industry.

(5) In order to facilitate the transportation of oversized and large parts, the location of the wind turbine production enterprise should be selected in the area convenient for transportation.

(6) The wind turbine production enterprise shall carry out the layout in accordance with the principle of establishing a sound industrial chain with the supporting enterprises of the wind turbine.

Second, process equipment and R & D testing

(1) Wind turbine manufacturers should establish professional R&D teams covering aerodynamics, structural analysis, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automatic control, software development and other fields.

(2) Wind turbine generators should master the design and development technology of wind turbines and provide corresponding auxiliary tools for wind turbine design and development software.

(3) The wind turbine manufacturer shall have the test conditions and capabilities for the entry of key components such as gearboxes, generators, supporting yaw devices and frequency converters.

(4) Wind turbine generators must have factory test conditions and capabilities such as converter test, electronic control system test and full power test.

(5) Instruments and equipment of wind turbine production enterprises shall be qualified and approved by relevant departments.

Third, product quality and after-sales service

(1) The wind turbine production enterprise shall establish a sound quality management system and pass the certification of the institution with the qualification.

Enterprises should implement strict quality management throughout the production process, supporting key components such as hubs, blades, gearboxes, generators, converters, control systems, pitch systems, towers, brake systems, etc. for wind turbines. The enterprise shall establish a quality control system for purchasing spare parts, spare parts and raw materials.

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